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King Mohammed VI assumed the throne in July 1999.
Morocco has a democratic, social and constitutional Monarchy therefore the King of Morocco, is on charge of the whole power. Just because Morocco is a democratic Monarchy, the king is able to  dissolve government and deploy the military.
In the same way, the constitution gives the king all the power in the religious things; other than king, he is call “Commander of the Faithful, as a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed.
The people is suppose to love him and never to speak bad about his highness.
As a result from a long period of timer where the Mexican´s had different kind of governments, for example; empire, monarchy and dictatorship, after the 1917´s constitution, México has a Democratic Republic, consequently there is a President a head of the executive power.
However, that doesn´t means that he is the head of the whole country.  The executive power has the same importance than the legislative and judicial branch. For instance, the executive has as a limit those two branches.
On the other hand, there are three different kinds of executive´s, the federal, the state, and the municipal.  
The official language is Arabic but in some parts like in central and the south part of Morocco, the dominant language to do business is French
. However, Spanish is often spoken in the north. English is verily spoken. The Berber languages, that at some point in history were the most important once in Morocco, have decrease  in importance in such way that  in the early 1990s only 25 percent of the population used Berber as their main language.
As a result of the Spanish colonization in the Mexico´s territory science the XVI century, México adopted the Spanish as a main language. Despite that, there still many places where the spoken language are those who were used in the pre-Hispanic times.
However, the English language has been taking more importance around the people.
Rabat is the Capital of Morocco, even though  that the largest city is Casablanca
The  capital of Mexico  is Mexico City, is a federal District, and it is not only known as the largest city in Mexico, Mexico city is also considered the one of the biggest cities in the whole world.
The United Nations estimated that Morocco had 30,566,000 in the year 2003, therefor it was ranked as number 37 in population among all of the nations.  5% of the population was over 65 years old,  another 32% were under 15 old. What’s more curios is that There were an equal number of males and females in the country in 2003.
The population of Mexico in July 2006, was estimated around 107,449,525. The highest structure in population is observed between the age group of 15-64. Population growth rate has been estimated at 1.16% in the year 2006. Birth rate has been 20.69 per 1000 and death rate has been 4.74 per 1000.
The Moroccan Dirham is the name of their currency,  Although, In various parts of Morocco they are used to sale stuffs in francs, pesetas o rails. Even though those units are not the ones that are use in the original country of that money.
The Mexican Currency is the “peso”.  Never the less, it is usual to use the Dollar as the Currency in much business. Mostly in the ones that are located in touristic areas.
The total area of Morocco is 458,730 sq km (177,120 sq mi).
Mexico Covers is  almost 1.964.375 square kilometers.  Mexico is the fifth-largest country in America total area and the 14th biggest in the whole world.
The legislative power is vested in both the King and the two cameras of parliament.. Bicameral legislature consists of two chambers. The Assambly of Representatives of Morocco (Majlis al-Nuwab/Assemblée des Répresentants) is based in 325 people elected for a five year period, also has 295 elected in multi-seat, and 30 in national lists consisting only of women. In the other hand, they have the Assembly of Councillors (Majlis al-Mustasharin) this one has 270 members, elected for a nine year term, elected by local councils.
Similarly, Mexico has a bicameral kind of federal legislature.
Mexican Legislature branch is divided by the senate and the Assembly of representatives, that are call Diputados. The Diputados are 500 in total, 300 of them are elected directly from the people in elections, and the rest are send by the political parties to   represent them.  Their term is for only 3 years. The other camera is the senate, and it is composed by 128 Senators, witches 96 are elected by de voters in the elections, and the rest are elected by minority representation.
The senator term is for six years.
Neither of both cameras can be re-elected for the consecutive term.
They both are part of the Union Congress.
The highest court in the judicial structure is the Supreme Court,  The  judges are elected by the King. Judicial has  independence and impartiality at the time of giving a resolution.
What is mores curios about Morocco is that Judicial system consist´s of secular courts based on French legal tradition, and religious courts based on the Jewish and  the Islamic traditions.
The secular system is formed bye communal and district courts, courts of first instance, appellate courts, and a Supreme Court.  There are 27 Sadad courts, this ones are courts of first instance for Muslim and Jewish trails.
In the same way, the highest court in Mexico is the Supreme Court. Made of 11 ministers, they are a head of all the Mexican Judicial structure.  In contrast with the  Morocco´s law system, the Judicial power is the only one allowed to judge people. The judicial system  is divided in Judges, Magistrados de Circuito that are divided in Magistratos Unitarios y Colegiados, also is made of the Consejo de la Judicatura Federal, witch watch for the good practice of the law by all of the courts.

Similarly than Morocco, Mexico has their own military courts.

Also, each state has their own local courts, and federal courts.
Religion and government relation.
The relations Between the government and the religions are really close, actually the king is known as “Commander of the Frightful”, because he also is the great religious leader. This is because he is a direct descendent of the Mohamed the prophet.
The Government and the religions are really important in the social life, because they are strongly influenced by their  faiths.  

In contrast, México government has been separated from the religious system science the Juarez Law in 1855. Although, Mexico is a really Religious country, mostly composed bye Roman Catholic Believer who constantly make acts were they prove their total faith.
Even though that Government is separated from the church, this one has still having a lot of power in the community, and they play a high roll in the society.
The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces is the summation of the armed forces of the kingdom of Morocco.
The Mexican Armed Forces includes the Mexican Air Force, the Mexican Navy.

The head of the Military in Mexico is the President himself, as the only general with 5 stars.
Below that is the minister of defense, who has to be a 4 stars division general.
Established Since   September 13th, 1996.
Established science February the 5th, of 1917.
Coat of arms.
Morocco got it´s independence from France on March 2, 1956, and on April 7. Through agreements with Spain in 1956 and 1958, Moroccan got back the control over certain Spanish-ruled places. Tangier was nemed as a international city for a while, although it was reintegrated in on October 29, 1956
Likewise, Mexico was part of the Spanish territory. Mexico started the War for it´s independence in September 1810, and finally got it from the Spanish in 1821

It started as an idealistic  rebellion by some priest´s against their colonial masters, nevertheless, the war ended by an agreement between Mexican ex-royalists and Mexican who were fighting.

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