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Art, music.....

Although this section has many topics of which we speak, we will focus mainly to art, culture, architecture and clothing from Mexico and Morocco.

Art .- in Morocco are the main forms of artistic expression through carpet weaving, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture and painting. Inside the ceramic tiles we also find, located inside the houses and palaces. In Mexico we can find jewelry making, painting and sculpture, as well as ceramics, mainly in the very traditional talavera, which comes from Andalusian Arabic culture, is probably also arrived in Morocco many years ago. In terms of painting, highlighting the murals of Bonampak pre-Hispanic cities, Teotihuacan and Monte Alban, and in contemporary painting we see the great murals of David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera. As already mentioned that the Spanish influence was the similarity in the two countries in the field of painting, we can not find clear similarities, but if we see them in carpet weaving, pottery (or talavera) and jewelry.

Moroccan mosaic

 Kitchen in the Santa Rosa convent, Puebla, Mexico

In Morocco exist the famous Kilims, wich are rugs with big decorations, all unique designs; this are used as quilts, and for furniture. Something a bit like there is in Mexico with so-called Sarapes, which at first occupied as a garment to cover the person from the cold, but over time has been changing and now has endless uses.



Music.- Music .- traditional Moroccan music is called Chabbi, when people come out to dance they do in groups, this means that only women dance with women and men with men, this is completely different in Mexico because in this country men and women dance together.Traditional Mexican music is called Mariachi; the mariachi band is usually formed by a number between 7 to 12 members but there is no limit to the maximum. The essential instruments are the vihuela, guitarrón, guitarra de golpe, guitar, violins and trumpets, but sometimes are added flute and harp, and abroad including the accodion. 

Architecture.- Mexican architecture is characterized as baroque, but few know where it comes from the baroque which is in Mexico, this comes from the baroque architecture of Andalusia (Spain), and although in this field Morocco and Mexico do not have great matches, we can see in both countries some Andalusian Baroque style buildings. Because as has been said these countries were, at one time, Spanish colonies. This difference is because of the geography of where these countries are situated, and therefore have to adapt to the environment, Morocco is desert and in Mexico we can find a diverse climate.

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