martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

Social Interaction - How do people have fun?

In this entry we will talk about the difference of the most common (but not only) ways of daily distractions people have in our beloved countries Mexico and Morocco.

**Before reading** The entry is not assuming ALL Mexican and Moroccans have fun this way!

Mexico is well known worldwide for being a high rated alcoholism country. It sounds bad but its true, most generally, Mexican people love to party and drink alcohol. Very often young Mexican people use their weekend to go to clubs or "cantinas" (bars) where they drink big quantities of alcohol, dance, sing or do other crazy stuff to celebrate the work (school) week is over again. And at a university level (specially if you live away from your parents) you could do this even 2, 3 or more times per week.

In contrast, Moroccan people are not supposed to drink alcohol because of their religion, and even if they want to, it is really hard to get "fun drinks" in that country (In compare of Mexico, for example). In Morocco they drink tea even more than we drink coffee in Mexico, they do it for breakfast, they do it after meals, they even do it in the night when they go out! (And it is pretty cheap also).

According to the United Nations, Morocco is the second country in the world in the meaning of hachis production (The first one is Afghanistan), so that, hachis is the most popular drug in Morocco, and it is smoked very freely we could say; you can be walking down the street and watch people smoke it as if it was just a regular cigarette. In some places, you can take a random taxi (preferably one with a not very old driver), tell them your neighborhood's dealer's name, and they will know exactly where to go, they will take you and wait for you until you have your "bussiness done" and then take you to your next stop.

Tea shops are the most common point of reunion for Moroccans to hang out, they go there and talk, order tea, and usually smoke one, two, three......whatever number of hachis's joints.

Is good to mention that hachis is not a legal drug in Morocco, but as in Mexico, law is very easy to defeat when you have certain amount of money to give to the policemen. We suck when it comes to corruption, but that is a topic we don't want to focus in this entry.

**If you are not familiar with hachis, check out this link that might help you understand what hachis is:

Concluding, Mexicans and Moroccans have peculiar forms to have fun, but of course they are not all alcoholics and drug-addicts, you can have fun with the "help" of those substances and not abuse of them and still enjoy it; or you can just hang out with people that does that and not do it. Each one is responsible for what they do and the ways they decide to spend their free time. ¿Are you Mexican or Moroccan? ¿Do you think this is false? We would like to hear your opinion.

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