lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Food, Recipes and Spices

In this particular issue can be found similarities between Mexico and Morocco, they share a special taste for seasoning their food with a variety of spices, among them are cinnamon, chiles and saffron.

      Moroccan Spices
  Mexican Spices

The reason why Mexico and Morocco have many similarities is clearly influenced by Spanish and Arab who came to these countries many years ago, and although it was at various times the influence was in some ways very similar.

Returning to our theme, we also observed that both cultures added to the dishes lemon, olives, almonds and many vegetables, as a sort of garrison. 
Both cuisines are rich in color, a special feature as many cuisines around the world are sober and have no color. From my point of view I think that adding color to the food also has to do largely with the personality and identity of the nation.
 Mexican dish
Moroccan dish

You can found some moroccan recipes on the links that we present you now:

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