viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

Spirituality - Faith's influence in daily life.

With this entry, we don't intend to support or attack any of the 2 religions we are about to mention.

*To better understand this entry, it would be nice if you had some background information about Islam and Christianity. If you wish to do so, check out this link:

According to INEGI (National Institute of Statistic and Geography in Mexico), nowadays 88% of the Mexican people believe in Christianity. In the same way, according to Patrick Johnstone, Operación Mundo, around 90% of the people in Morocco believes in Islam.

Unlike other countries that have no dominant religion, Mexico and Morocco's people's daily life are very influenced by Christianity/Islam.

Imagine you are in Morocco (you are Muslim) and you are listening to music in the middle of the afternoon; suddenly you hear the prayers from the mosque near your house. You are supposed to turn the music off (or being more pious, you are not supposed to be listening to music! You are supposed to be IN the mosque praying!). And don't forget the fact that you can´t go to a restaurant and order food that contains pork. Also, bars are exclusively for tourists (so there are very few), because alcohol is forbidden for Muslims.

On the other hand, imagine you are in Mexico and you pass in front of a church (you are Christian), you are supposed to cross yourself as a sign of respect because you are passing in front of God's house.
Maybe you are a mexican 19 years old girl with all your life a head you, well, if u "have fun" and don't take the necessary precautions, you might be forced to get married before you want and with someone you are not really in love.

These are just some examples of how religion effects life in Mexico and Morocco. In addition, as strong as it is, religion can be used for political intentions as well as for marketing.

Here is a video of an ex-christian woman born in Puebla, Mexico, that decided to change her religion to muslim. She makes some comparisons of the two cultures, but we don't have to forget that this is just her point of view and each one of us has to make our own conclusions.

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