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King Roi Hassan II

King Roi Hassan III, was last king of Morocco, before of his son King Mohammed VI. He Became King on  March 3th in 1961.
 King Hassan survived two  attempts to kill him. The first happend  in 1971, and was organized by General Madbouh and Colonel Ababou. The second one, happend on August 16 of 1972. This attemped was amazing because it happende in the sky while the king was comming back from a trip to France. Some F-15 jets from his own country, fired upon the King's plane, but luckly they failed to bring it down.

A good thing that happend while he was King, was the recover of Ifni that was controlled by the Spanish Government. 
King Hassan died of natural causes when he was 70 years old,  in his birthtown on 23 July 1999. There was a funeral in the whole country of Morocco. Many of the Presidents from the whole world attended to his funeral. He was buried at a local cementery in Rabat.

Here is the whole Dinasty of the King Hassan, comming all the way from Mohammed the prophet:

  1. Muhammad, Prophet of Islam (died 632)
  2. Fatimah
  3. Hasan ibn Ali (died 670)
  4. Hasan II
  5. Abdullah al-Kamal
  6. Muhammad al-Mahdi
  7. Hasan
  8. Muhammad
  9. Abdullah
  10. Qasim
  11. Ismail
  12. Ahmad
  13. Hasan
  14. Ali
  15. Abubakr
  16. Hasan
  17. Abu Muhammad Arafa
  18. Abdullah
  19. Hasan
  20. Muhammad
  21. Belqasim
  22. Muhammad
  23. Qasim
  24. Al Hassan Addakhil (came to the Tafilalt region in Morocco in 1266)[9]
  25. Muhammad
  26. Hasan
  27. Ali ash-Sharif
  28. Yusuf
  29. Ali
  30. Muhammad
  31. Ali
  32. Muhammad I ash-Sharif, King of Tafilalt (died 1659)
  33. Moulay Ismail, Sultan of Morocco (died 1727)
  34. Moulay Abdullah, Sultan of Morocco (died 1757)
  35. Sidi Muhammad III, Sultan of Morocco (died 1790)
  36. Moulay Hisham, Sultan of Morocco (died 1796)
  37. Moulay Abd ar-Rahman, Sultan of Morocco (died 1859)
  38. Moulay Muhammad IV, Sultan of Morocco (died 1873)
  39. Moulay al-Hasan I, Sultan of Morocco (died 1894)
  40. Moulay Yusuf, Sultan of Morocco (died 1927)
  41. Mohammed V, King of Morocco (died 1961)
  42. Hassan II, King of Morocco (died 1999)
  43. Mohammed VI, King of Morocco (born 1963)

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